Team Roles:
Project Manager = Eloise
  • Encourage a positive attitude within the team
  • Encourage and focus the team (refer to your goals and reflections)
  • Help where needed most
  • Ensure deadlines are hit
Chief Technician = All
  • Manage digital aspects of the team
  • Thoughtfully delegate digital tasks
  • Problem solve technical issues
  • Store and save files (and share on Google Drive with all team members)
  • Maintain Wiki page, including all photography
Strategy Manager = Maggie
  • Organize and delegate research tasks
  • Encourage team to take risks and be creative
  • Focus team on creative problem solving
  • Lead team in embracing challenge
  • Lead troubleshooting and brainstorming sessions
Communication Manager = Sadie
  • Lead spokesperson for class discussions
  • Lead team discussions, ensure all ideas are heard
  • Locate contact information for experts when needed
  • Lead communications with outside experts
  • Ask for help from other groups or teacher when needed
  • Update social media accounts when necessary (Twitter, Instagram)
Quality Control Manager = Sophie
  • Ensure team has a finished, polished product before presenting to an audience
  • Ensure all work is free from spelling/grammar errors
  • Lead team in making all products visually appealing
  • Lead team in making sure all content is accurate and appropriate

Plans for the Future:
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Magnets
  • Charms?
  • Slime
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Chalk board
  • Pins
  • Magnets
  • Key chains
  • Clay bees

What We Did

This year we focused mostly on jars and bee charms. We made about 50 charms, and sold about 8.

Quarter 1 goals- Get organized II COMPLETE
Quarter 2 goals- Our Jewelry, make stuff to put in the jars, bee squishy, putty
Quarter 3 goals-
Quarter 4 goals-

Project Ideas
  • rings
  • neclaces
  • bags
  • shirts