Black and White Photos

The black and white photos theme is a path. It makes me wonder and it makes me think that the paths could go on forever.

Colorful Photos

stock-vector-colorful-swirl-background-vector-87188119 (1).jpg


The colorful photos theme is a rainbow swirl. I like how even though all the colors are completely different they all match each other and look as if they go together.

Photo Journal:

February 9th ,
Today we began our first of 3 human to cartoon morph. We almost finished the one that we started today.
It looks like this:FotoFlexer_Photo3.jpg We will add in ears and a background.

February 10th ,
Today we switched gears into collage art. we will use 3-4 photos into our final presentation.
We used a picture of Brandon C, eyes of Kennedy S, bangs of Gabe, and mouth of Zach P. We finished it and it looks like this:

February 13th
Today we finished the first photo. We started another one and we will be using this photo of Gabe Miller.
February 14th(Valentine's Day)
We finished most of the second photo.
February 15th
We finished the 2nd photo and started another one, which we finished.meep.jpg
Ava Taylor and Brandon Consolo's Finished Photo Editing Project