Picture Project By: Allie Adams

Today i didnt have a picture to edit so i played on software editing apps so i will end my project on smilebox tomorrow.

Today i kind of struggled because it was hard to find the perfect picture.

I edited another picture today and made it look a lot brighter
Today I started editing one of my many photos that will go in the college. My theme is soccer so I edited the team selfie that we took in Grand Rapids. I added some text, focused in on important parts and made the photo brighter. It was hard to make the photo brighter without the faces turning red.

Before Pictures:

3 Black And White Images
images.jpg 302879c6f08ecd109011a3e13f4f81e3.jpgNYC-Aerial-View-Large.jpg
3 Colorful Images

The theme of the black and white images is that they are all mysterious.The tiger, all you can see are the eyes. He's staring off into something. What is he staring at? The soccer player has the ball at her feet, will she shoot it? Beat a defender? Is she the keeper with the ball at her feet after making a great save? The New York skyline, has the Empire State building rising up taller than any of the other buildings. But, do you notice the cloud surrounding the empire state building? Why is the cloud there? Why is the Empire State building standing out? All of these pictures makes us wonder something, which makes a mysterious element. But, we have to ask ourselves, did the photographer purposely put mysterious elements in the photo and what tricks did the photographer add to the photo to make the picture unknown and puzzling
So, when you look at the colorful photos you see two common themes. First, they are all women. Secondly, they are all soccer players (If you didn't know that, WOW) But, if you look a little closer you can see that that all the pictures have blank backgrounds. Why do they have blank backgrounds? Backgrounds are the best! Sometimes backgrounds can be cool but they also distract from the main picture. With blank backgrounds it focuses on the main image in the picture. With no backgrounds, no distraction.